Wedding photography is something I have never had the inclination to try. I have full respect for photographers who specialise in it, the pressure they must be under to deliver the perfect photos in different light conditions in one go, because that's all you are going to get. You can't exactly tell the wedding party that you left your lens on manual throughout and missed focus so could they all kindly come back at another time to reshoot? You can imagine the fury directed your way if that was the case.

I love long exposures and street photography, there is zero pressure to produce and I can take my fine time with it. Recently I was coerced by a colleague to shoot her daughter's wedding, I politely refused several times, but the lady was persistent. Eventually I gave in, and forgot about it for a few months. The day of the weddiing was coming round soon, so I thought both parties needed to meet to sort out expectations. As the bride was aware of my work, it was quite easy to agree terms. She didn't want any posed shots, what she was after were candid shots of the day, from both her and her guests viewpoint, and story telling images. This suited me perfectly.

I roped in a local photographer and good friend of mine, Gordon Scott to act as second shooter, just to cover all the bases as I didn't want to ruin the couple's day just in case I had catastrophic equipment failure. The day of the wedding was extremely hot for UK standards with bright harsh light which I love. The poor bride and her bridesmaids had to put up with not just the 2 of us but a videographer all trying to capture that unique viewpoint whilst the ladies were having their make up and hair done in a tiny room.

Everyone was relieved when we moved to the main reception area of the old priory for the ceremony. It's quite interesting that no matter where you are, if you stay in one place long enough, you will become invisible. This certainly helped make my job that much easier. The following slide show, hopefully tells the story of Nick & Sara's wedding day.

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