Photographer Tuan Nguyen is based in Folkestone, Kent on the South East coast of the UK. Tuan first took up photography when he and his wife Liz moved to Folkestone and Liz took up painting. Liz developed an interest in landscapes and would often ask Tuan to take reference images for her. Not satisfied with snapshots, Tuan taught himself photography from reading various books and was soon hooked on photographing landscapes. 

As he gained experience, Tuan developed a particular passion for black and white long exposure photography, a format which allowed him to express his creativity. He feels that he is able to connect to the monochromatic landscape easily, interpreting its simple tonal language in his own style. In recognition of his long exposure work, Tuan was made a featured artist for Formatt-Hitech, a leading international filter manufacturer, whose wonderful filters Tuan had used from the start.

Tuan has won various awards for his distinct photographs as well as appearing in international fine art publications and receiving rave reviews for his solo exhibition at George's House Gallery. Tuan's strong passion for photography continually drives him to learn and explore as well as passing on his knowledge to attendees at his workshops.

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